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Software that harnesses real-time clinical trial data and third-party vendor collaboration for faster, more precise accounting, accruals, and FP&A. Thoughtfully designed by biotech finance and audit experts who have been in your shoes.

Trusted by Big 4 firms and publicly-traded biotech companies, including:

RD Spend
Clinical Trials
$200K - $2M
Avg savings per instance range 
Condor has been a critical part of our clinical finance team and SOX compliance. Not only did they save us over $5M in one of our programs, but we’ve gone from 2 trials to 10 without adding more resources. The product and team’s expertise across finance, clinical operations and accounting is unparalleled with anything else we’ve seen in the market.
Director, Accounting
Public biotech company with several phase 2 and 3 trials targeting COVID-19 and rare disease
Adopting Condor improved efficiencies by 71% while maintaining a supported approach that minimizes risk using actual clinical trial data and providing Finance/Accounting team members with a deeper understanding of the business and clinical trial activities. Condor’s model connects the dots allowing all key stakeholders to speak the same language with confidence. Condor is disrupting the market, turning quarterly clinical accrual tasks from dreadful to insightful.
VP, Finance
Public biotech company with a phase 2 trial targeting Lupus Erythematosus
Condor is refreshing! It’s about time someone made clinical trial financial software that brings clarity and confidence to both us and our clients.
Big 4 Accounting Firm

Automate and expedite clinical accruals

Stop wrangling data and manually updating trackers and spreadsheets. We integrate real data to drive clinical accruals, saving you significant time and money.

Hold vendors accountable and improve your audits

Trusting vendors with timely, complete and accurate updates can be challenging. Condor “audits” your vendors, with documentation and evidence your auditors love. We bring peace of mind to a critical audit matter.

Empowering dynamic teams with cross-functional alignment and collaboration

Condor builds trust and shared understanding between clinical, finance, and third parties by providing a single source of truth.

Powerful financial insights and scenario cash planning

Strategically navigate forecasts and financially plan your clinical program with ease, flexibility, and transparency, helping leadership make key business decisions and extend runway.
The Problem & Solution

The best of spreadsheets in an integrated software

We love spreadsheets. But, on average, accountants and FP&A teams manage 50+ spreadsheets per clinical trial.

That’s too many. Condor is an integrated, SOX-compliant solution for end-to-end clinical trial financial management.

We know that every data point from those 50 spreadsheets is critical. That’s why we’ve included them all in Condor, so you have the accuracy you need, with a more streamlined experience.

Trusted by publicly-traded biotech companies and Big 4 firms.