We're building for real impact.

We see the monumental innovation being developed by biotech companies everyday, and know firsthand the significance and impact of a successful clinical trial. Our focus is to ensure you have the right technology and accurate data to make that happen.

Our Story

Condor is building a world where finance accelerates human progress in medicine. 

Our CEO began her career in accounting as a CPA and auditor for Ernst & Young before transitioning into finance and operations leadership at biotech organizations.

She solved the clinical financial management problems first-hand at several organizations.

During her consulting work at biotechs, she was personally impacted by family and loved ones at the intersection of life, death, and clinical trials, making it her mission to help the innovators responsible for clinical advancements. She partnered with our CTO to build a team equipped to create cutting-edge, easy-to-use software that empowers organizations to bring more life-saving therapies to market without being held back by billions of dollars lost in obscure data and financial processes. 

Condor is continuing to build a team of driven experts, world-class investors, and industry leaders aligned on this mission. For us, it’s not just technology, it’s personal–which is why we’re growing Condor with a focus on people, purpose and partnership.

We're backed by top-tier investors including...

Leadership team

Jennifer Kyle

CEO, Co-Founder

John YS

CTO, Co-Founder